The Shanghai Studio (copy)

By Dunedin Centre | Posted: Wednesday May 20, 2020

Improve the way your business can undertake virtual boardroom meetings or small conferences with enhanced audio and video technology that connects the country!

We are pleased to announce a new venue! The Shanghai Studio - a virtual boardroom space that will enhance and improve your virtual experiences for Business Events.  Dunedin formalised its sister-city relationship with Shanghai during a visit by a Shanghai delegation to Dunedin in October 1994. The relationship recognises the strong influence of Chinese on Otago history, and the involvement of the local Chinese population has been an important factor in developing the relationship.  The relationship is a powerful driver behind Project Shanghai , a partnership of Dunedin businesses, educational institutions and the Dunedin City Council which aims to develop a broad range of links between the two cities.  We're proud to recognise Shanghai's significance to the city with this exciting new venture.

This digital studio concept can be adapted to deliver a top quality virtual experience at any of our venues. Our sound and vision partner Strawberry Sound has been instrumental in the development of this market-ready product.

Image by: Dunedin Venues

Most virtual meeting setups still fall victim to some very common problems – equipment that isn’t reliable or easy to use.  Our secure boardroom studio takes away the unwanted stress of today’s current climate.

Image by: Dunedin Venues

The Shanghai Studio features support from onsite technicians, the board table allows members to spread out, and our studio team will work with any of your off-site members to ensure they are correctly setup. Multiple Microphones Technology allows for directional audio quality, 4k cameras have the ability to focus onto the person speaking and you have the ability to show presentations on one of the two display TVs.

Image by: Dunedin Venues

With the Studio set up we can design and produce a custom live-stream suited to your needs whether its broadcasting your AGM, presentations, or live events/awards - these are just some of the possibilities in the Studio.  As New Zealand’s GigCity, Dunedin has one gigabit per second broadband services, placing the city on the map as the most connected in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dunedin Venues is currently gauging interest with other main centre venues to establish nationwide connections for Conference Organisers. Engaging through the Multi Tech Hubs results in groups of participants in different locations feeling like they are part of one experience.  

It is designed to make this process easy for you as the meeting or conference organiser. You will be able to host a 300 – 400 pax conference with Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland each hosting up to 100 pax at their venues.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about this exciting innovation.