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University of Otago Oval - Terms of Entry

By Dunedin Venues | Posted: Tuesday March 24, 2020

Please note that these Terms of Entry may be changed at any time at the venue’s discretion. Security and venue management have the right to assess any item on a case by case basis which may result in the item not being allowed inside the venue. All ticket holders are required to comply with security or venue decisions.

Patrons and bag searches

  • All patrons and their possessions may be subject to searches before entering the venue.
  • Searches may also be carried out during an event and when leaving the venue.
  • Patrons who refuse to participate in searches may be denied entry to the ground or asked to leave the venue.
  • All vehicles entering and leaving the venue may be searched.
  • Prohibited items will be confiscated.

Patrons may bring in the following:

  • Sealed plastic water bottles up to 1.5L.
  • Empty drink bottles - can be filled using water provided at the venue.
  • Small thermos flasks will be permitted at Test matches only – please note these are to carry hot water or tea/coffee only and will be subject to a security check.
  • Homemade food - sandwiches, cakes, fruit. Must not be in a glass container.
  • Special foods for dietary requirements.
  • Baby food and liquids.
  • Soft chilly bags – must be able to fit under a seat.

Furniture and Equipment

  • A limited number of low profile collapsible deck chairs will be allowed into the venue (base of seat must be no higher than 300mm from the ground and no wider than 600mm). Once space on the embankments becomes limited, patrons will be asked to leave all chairs outside of the gates. This decision is entirely at the venue’s discretion and may be implemented at any time.

  • A limited number of prams and strollers will be allowed into the venue. Once the designated areas are full, patrons will be asked to leave them outside of the gates. This decision is entirely at the venue’s discretion and may be implemented at any time.

  • Personal, collapsible rain umbrellas smaller than a golf umbrella may be permitted at the venue’s discretion but should not be used if they obstruct the view of other spectators.

Flags and Signage

  • Flagpoles up to one (1) metre in length.

  • Flags, banners, etc are permitted. However, they may be removed, at the sole discretion of the Event Management Staff, if they are considered too large; or if they are considered obscene, abusive or may cause offence to another person.

Audio and filming devices

  • Pre-approved musical instruments. If you wish to bring musical instruments with you to a match, you will need to complete a ‘Musical Instrument Policy’ form and a ‘Musical Instrument Pre-Registration’ form and then have them approved by NZC.

  • Portable audio devices for listening to commentary (to only be used with earphones).

  • Photographic, video or audio recording equipment for private, non-commercial purposes only. Lenses with a total focal strength of less than 200mm are permitted. The Event Management Staff will, at their sole discretion, determine whether an item is intended for personal or commercial use.


  • Service Dogs. Please contact your local venue in advance to ensure they are best prepared to meet your needs.

  • Clothing must conform to reasonable standards of decency. Where a dress code is indicated on the ticket, that dress code must be adhered to. Event Management staff have sole discretion to decide what clothing is deemed appropriate.

Patrons may not bring the following items into the venue:

  • Bottles of water with broken seals

  • Alcohol

  • Glass bottles or cans

  • Commercially produced food and takeaway food

  • Hard chilly bins, picnic baskets or large bags

  • Thermos flasks (ODI or T20 internationals)

  • Illicit drugs

  • Sound amplifiers including megaphones and air horns

  • Non-approved musical instruments

  • Dogs or other pets (guide dogs are permitted)

  • Flares, fireworks, laser pointers, smoke bombs

  • Compressed gas containers and aerosols

  • Knives or other dangerous weapons

  • Dangerous goods

  • Gang Patches

  • Clothing or accessories displaying offensive messages; accessories that look like, or could be used as, weapons; branded clothing worn, or brought into the venue, whether individually or by a group, which Event Management staff consider is being worn or carried in an attempt to ambush market at the match; and costumes or other 'dress up' clothing considered obscene or offensive by Event Management staff or of such a size that it obstructs any other spectator of their view of the match

  • Skateboards, roller blades, scooters or bicycles

  • Signs or banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive

  • Flag poles of more than one metre in length

  • Drones

  • Photographic, video or audio recording equipment for any purpose other than private, non-commercial purposes, which may include, without limitation, video and/or audio recorders, camera tripods, monopods or lenses with a total focal strength of greater than 200mm and commercial digital video equipment

  • Any item that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of any person or security at the venue

  • Any other item that Venue Management determines may cause injury or public nuisance or inconvenience to any other person


  • Chairs including, but not limited to: large deck chairs, inflatable soft chairs/sofas, portable chairs, stools, sofas, camp chairs and bean bags. 

  • Pop up and/or portable shelters and tents

  • Large umbrellas (golf umbrella and bigger)

Banned Activities

  • Smoking and Vaping

  • Communicating or transmitting from within the venue any information or knowledge that may support any form of betting or gambling, including live betting, whether within or outside any venue by third parties (further sanctions and penalties may apply).

  • Engaging in any form of activity that either directly or indirectly unduly impacts on the delivery or outcome of the match, or negatively impacts the experience of other spectators at the venue.

  • Event Management staff have sole discretion to refuse entry to any spectator who exhibits symptoms of an infectious disease.

Patrons may be asked to leave the venue if they:

  • Use obscene language

  • Are verbally or physically abusive, or behave in a disorderly or offensive manner

  • Are intoxicated

  • Are carrying out unauthorised activities within the grounds

  • Throw items in the air or onto the grounds

  • Fail to comply with regulations, security or gate staff requests, including adhering to any queues

  • Obstruct gangways access, exits, or entrances or stairways

  • Indecent exposure

Patrons must also comply with New Zealand Cricket terms and conditions which can be found here.


To report any incident please text ASSIST and details to 5256 for assistance.