Review: Marlon Williams at the Dunedin Town Hall

By Dunedin Venues | Posted: Friday June 1, 2018

Marlon’s show for his latest album, Make Way for Love, made me feel warm all over.

Julia Deans of Fur Patrol fame opened the show, with support from Celia Church. Many of Julia’s songs were from her new album, We Light Fire, and were true to title. Celia and Julia harmonised well, and the whole set had a beautiful and haunting feel. Personally I would have left happy if the show had stopped there.

Enter Marlon Williams and The Yarra Benders – I could feel the crowd huddle closer behind me as they emerged. Marlon is extremely expressive on stage, full of movement and expression – long and lanky, awkward and smooth. His voice is impressive as an instrument, and he crooned well that night. I loved the blues coming through alongside the country vibe, and there’s nothing like hearing him deliver his powerful lyrics in the flesh. The Yarra Benders can’t really be described as a backup band – the set would have been empty without them. Each Bender is skilled at playing many instruments, from the electric violin to the piano to the double-bass, and their energy was infectious.

Whenever I looked back at the audience behind me, I saw a sea of faces immersed in music – the sign of a great show.

Review by Sharon Teavae