DSO: Rhapsody

The Drysdale Overture and A London Symphony have much in common, including recalling specific places.  Lilburn said his overture described his early 20th century ‘childhood happiness’ on his family’s Drysdale station near Whanganui, while Vaughan Williams’ symphony contains many evocations of early twentieth-century London.  A further connection between the two works is the fact that Lilburn’s Overture was written at the direction of his Royal College of Music lecturer who was no other than Vaughan Williams.

Packed with thrilling drama and exquisitely lyrical writing, Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody, is a tour de force.  Written in 1934, it consists of 24 brilliant sparkling variations, with No. 18 becoming popular as a work in its own right.

At the concert’s helm will be conductor Kenneth Young, one of New Zealand’s most experienced and popular conductors.  Soloist Sara Lee, an Otago University graduate, started her piano studies in Korea and Moscow, and has gone on to win many international competitions and awards, including the prestigious Prokofiev International Music Competition in 2021.

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Town Hall

Sat, Sep. 10, 2022