Cristalle Anne | Life After Death: Understanding the Soul's Journey

Embark on an enlightening exploration into the mysteries of life, death, and the realms beyond with our transformative seminar, LIFE AFTER DEATH: Understanding the Soul’s Journey. Led by healer & teacher Cristalle Anne—a medical intuitive, natural health practitioner, & psychic medium—these sessions offer a comprehensive understanding of the soul's journeys.

Cristalle will share her knowledge based on her own daily personal experiences working with clients with trauma. Everything she shares, she has experienced first-hand between her, her clients and the unseen realm, reaching a point of so many confirmations of truth, she just has to share what she knows.

Her purpose for sharing these truths is to give you a deeper understanding, to not fear death, and live a happier fulfilled life while we are visiting and experiencing life on this beautiful earth.

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  • Mingle & refreshments

6:30 - 7:45pm

  • Cristalle's welcome, opening ceremony/karakia
  • Seminar


  • Refreshments and break


  • Seminar

9:00- 9:30pm

  • Karakia & Grazing platter & Refreshments
  • Mingle & Music
  • Closing Ceremony


1. Understanding Trauma

2. Death's Many Faces

3. Unexplained Spiritual Phenomena

4. Understanding why you 'feel' a presence or why a space 'feels' heavy

5. Understand how to show respect and ask permission when building a new house or moving to a new area, or entering unfamiliar land


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Glenroy Auditorium

Wed, Aug. 7, 2024