How would you like to have your community event or activity at Forsyth Barr Stadium or the Dunedin Centre?

Dunedin Venues Management Limited supports and encourages individuals and groups to develop their given passion. Community users can apply for funding through the Dunedin City Council Community Access Grant scheme to get free or subsidised venue rental at Forsyth Barr Stadium or the Dunedin Centre. 

Applications for the funding of $750,000 can be submitted during two funding rounds each year.

Funding applications are now closed. The next round of funding will open in September.

For more information about the application criteria, please read the policies for the 2020 funding round. 


2020 Dunedin Centre: Community Events Policy



2020 Forsyth Barr Stadium: Community Events Policy


Outside of funding rounds, please contact Dunedin Venues Management Limited at [email protected] to discuss possibilities.